Christian Bigwater’s Offended presents an in your face view of charging warriors. Christian describes the piece as follows: “The background is a remix of the American Flag, which is purposely inverted as a symbol of distress. The traditional stars and blue is presented with a sky blue tint and white crosses, which covers the lower half portion of the image. The blue represents the earth and land. The crosses, like many cultures, represents life and spriritual being. The three riders and their horses are adorned with war paint and Lakota head dresses and are drawn in a foreshortened perspective to give the illusion that they are fiercely charging their horses toward you. The white and red stripes represent the sky.” The piece is a digital creation drawn entirely on an Ipad. The digital file was printed on a canvas and is framed in white to highlight the color schemes. The canvas print is archival quality and is a signed 1/1 first edition print. Christian is Dine (Navajo). Christian hails from Canyon de Chelly, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. His work has been shown at the Navajo Nation Museum, the Gallup Indian Ceremonial, and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Christian lives in Gallup, New Mexico and works for the Navajo Nation.

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