The Spirit of the Wolf


Kathy S. “Whitebear” Copsey is a self-taught artist who lives in California. All of Kathy’s work is done freehand, and her painting style includes detail and texture which gives her work a unique style and realistic look. Kathy’s work has won numerous awards.

Kathy’s description of The Spirit of the Wolf: “Can you hear the call of the wolf beckoning to you?  Calling you to be yourself? To trust your instincts? It is easy to lose oneself by following the crowd, but sometimes we must be willing to step away from the pack and follow our own path and hear our own inner spirit. Sometimes we hear only the voices around us and we mirror those around us with our words and actions, but there are times we need to stop and listen to what lies within. Know thyself. Do not let fear control you. Trust the strength you have within yourself and know you can get through the challenges and fears you face. Listen to your instincts as you travel throughout your journey, and if you pay close enough attention, you can feel the spirit of the wolf guiding you along the way.”