She Regains What Was Lost (Ganado AZ)


Duhon’s description of his piece: “This was based from the Navajo Long Walk, after the Navajos return from Bosque Redondo, the US government gave two sheep to each household, and that’s where a lady is sheep herding. For the G-hill, that’s where I am from, Ganado, AZ. Even in mid-1940s, the government ordered the US Army to destroy and burn down our houses, and to slaughter our horses, cows, sheep, and dogs. Before slaughtering them, they load them into trains for food in other cities, and what could not fit and was an overflow, those were the ones that got slaughtered in front of the Navajos. Some Navajo men sacrificed themselves to save their livestock and families and the men were shot and killed. So, that is why I have a lady in my image because her husband was shot and killed, trying to save their livestock and Hogan. She is missing her husband after returning from the Long Walk.”